Project Dasher

I worked on Project Dasher from 2010-2011, in Azam Khan's Complex Systems Group at Autodesk Research. Dasher is primarily a 3D visualization tool for building sensor networks. I wrote much of the front-end 3D rendering and GUI for the initial Dasher prototype. Since then, Azam and his team have continued to developer Dasher, and trial deployments are in place at several customer sites. You can find out more about current Dasher activities at the Project Dasher Website.

During my time on Dasher our focus was our own building at 210 King St W in Toronto, Canada. As part of the project this building was digitized via 3D scanning, and then a detailed CAD model was constructed, which included a large amount of BIM Data. This dataset itself was published and is available at The Digital 210 King Project website.