Ryan Schmidt is a scientist, inventor, software developer, and accomplished typist. He recently abandoned his post as Head of the Design and Fabrication research group at Autodesk to start Gradientspace, a 3D product studio. He is also Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto, and an advisor to Nia Technologies, LimbForge, and DigitalLife. In 2011 his tiny "pre-startup" Meshmixer was apparently acquired by Autodesk. Prior to that, he began two Master's degrees at the University of Calgary (finishing one), completed a PhD in Computer Graphics at the University of Toronto, and (briefly) held a postdoctoral scholar position at the University of California Berkeley. He grew up in Medicine Hat, Alberta and now resides in Toronto, Ontario. In Canada. 

In his spare time he raises children, fails to complete renovation projects, and makes small plastic shapes.

You can reach him via email at rms@rms80.com, or via twitter @rms80   

He is also on LinkedIn, if that is your thing.